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God Woke Me Up In This Moment To Be EXCEPTIONAL!

I have said that it is my intention to leave every gift that I have right here on the field of life because I owe my best stewardship to God and then humanity. I have worked tirelessly to help change the gaps of disparity for the lives of cancer patients as the CEO of The Sisters Inspiring Sisters Incorporated. For five years the work has gone forward and we have impacted 1188 cancer patients in 16 states and all 100 counties of North Carolina. God blessed me with purpose and a made up mind to honor His gifting for my life. He also made me to understand that the fruits of my labor were to benefit the lives of others. The SISI provides Transportation Assistance to cancer patients to get to their medical treatment. This is my 501c3 charity that I found with my husband Stacey. I have used my best gifts as a Publicist to brand it and everything about it is deliberate. The most important fact is that I understand God's order for my life and I am not afraid to step out on bold leadership forward. God woke me up in this segment of my life to take the years of training and preparation that I have acquired to assist others and I am committed to that. Successful leadership requires commitment beyond normalcy straight into the throws of excellence; being EXCEPTIONAL!

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