The Signature PEARL Custom Offerings 

designed to enhance your successful next!




Your business, vision and goals need effective public relations. The Signature PEARL has developed offerings that will help you advance to achieve YOUR NEXT, successfully! Don't hesitate. Let's get started toward the "SUCCESSFUL EVOLUTION OF YOUR NEXT!" Visit Epiphany PR!

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What's NEXT for me? I am uncertain of the power of MY NEXT and can you mentor my leadership development? The Signature PEARL has Legacy Principles that have been developed to assist YOUR NEXT!

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CREATIVE INGENUITY. Is your business stuck in a professional rut? Do you need a fresh approach? Terry will assess your goals, and your business needs to develop a full-scale strategic campaign to springboard your business onto the road of successful evolution and optimum results. No stone is left unturned. We challenge you to fulfill your destiny! Let's Get To Work!

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You are passionate about a cause. You want to start a body of work with the launch of a new non-profit and that's admirable. Terry has built a national non-profit from the ground up SUCCESSFULLY and the work that her 501c3 charity is doing IS IMPACTING THE LIVES OF CANCER PATIENTS! Learn all of the dynamics from a professional who will provide steps from beginning through to success with the development of the required 501c3 application and launch of your charity project. Visit her charity!

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One of the trademark and benchmark practices of EPR provides compelling and scripted messaging for executives, government, community, and business leaders. We give written voice to your thoughts with a progressive and dynamic flare of excellence. We “think outside of the box” with your mission and goals in mind. We are your written advocate; setting the right tone, direction and presentation. Let's Get to Work!

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Your success depends on an impeccable personal and professional image. Your wardrobe, spoken and written voice partner with the overall direction for your business in the SUCCESSFUL EVOLUTION OF YOUR NEXT! The Signature PEARL stands ready to assist you to meet those goals!

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